The Hockey Factory

The Hockey Factory is an online platform for trainers to create and manage your own practise exercises and trainings. Create your own database with exercises and plan for the entire season.

At The Hockey Factory there is already plenty of content for any age, both recreational and performance level. Toptrainers reveal their own insights, by making their favorite trainings available to all members.

Terms & Conditions

This document describes the general conditions pertaining to the use and services of The Hockey Factory.

a. Application of Conditions
The following conditions are required for participation in The Hockey Factory. Subscribers to The Hockey Factory must submit an application declaring to exercise the services of The Hockey Factory in agreement with the following conditions. An individual becomes a subscriber immediately upon registration to the site. Once registered the subscriber is then responsible for payment (of the subscription fee).

b. Conditions of Enrolment
To exercise the services provided by The Hockey Factory, it is necessary to be a The Hockey Factory registered subscriber. Any person completing the application form truthfully and in its entirety is eligible to become a subscriber. The subscriber is obligated to keep the information submitted in the application current (up-to-date). The subscriber must keep user and access data confidential. Subscription and services provided by The Hockey Factory are for the personal use of the subscriber alone.
The Hockey Factory maintains the privacy and confidentiality of the subscriber at all times. Personal data provided through registration to The Hockey Factory is for the exclusive use of servicing the client through the The Hockey Factory website. Exceptions occurring only when required by law.

Trainings or exercises saved to a subscriber’s database are reserved only for the rights of that individual subscriber or those individuals identified within his/her registered club. Trainings, exercises, and text found on The Hockey Factory website is the rightful property of The Hockey Factory. Without permission from the author it is forbidden to display or make public any trainings/exercises/text as found on The Hockey Factory website.

c. Conditions for Payment
The cost of enrolment to The Hockey Factory and the services provided are outlined prior to registration. In order to employ the services of The Hockey Factory, these costs must be paid in advance. In the event of subscription cancellation refunds to any portion of payment will not be granted. The Hockey Factory reserves the right to increase the registration costs with a maximum of 5% per year.

d. Removal of Subscription
An individual becomes a subscriber once he or she has registered to the site. Once registered, a subscriber is responsible for payment of the subscription fee.
The subscriber can terminate the contract by writing an email to at least 4 weeks prior to the renewal date.

The Hockey Factory reserves the right with or without reason, to terminate the contract of a subscriber or deny him or her access to (any portion of) the services at any time. The Hockey Factory will activate this right when a subscriber does not act in accordance with the general conditions as outlined by the site. When the denunciation takes effect The Hockey Factory has the right to withdraw (or erase) all data received by the subscriber or saved to folders in The Hockey Factory. In the event a subscription is terminated, refunds to any payment will not be granted.

e. Lawful Protection of Material by Author
All software, photographs, texts and other material found on The Hockey Factory Internet site is protected under author law. The downloading and use of material made possible by The Hockey Factory or third parties are protected by author law (copyright) and is exclusively permitted for personal use by the subscriber under the legal conditions outlined herein. It is prohibited to convert or copy material from The Hockey Factory through electronic or any other means, or to exploit The Hockey Factory in any manner. In addition, duplication (copying in any way), publication, sales or commercial exploitation of any The Hockey Factory material by subscribers or others is strictly forbidden.

f. Exclusion of Responsibility
The subscriber occupies the services of The Hockey Factory at his/her own risk. The Hockey Factory cannot be held responsible for services or material that are temporarily or permanently unavailable, tardy, unreliable, or erroneous. The Hockey Factory may only be held responsible by subscribers for damages knowingly and intentionally caused or the event of employee negligence. To qualify as a case for intentional damages the point in cause must be accepted as a typically preventable or foreseeable event. Responsibility is NOT extended to cover matters occupying administrative measures, uncontrollable factors, or co-accident damage. Subscribers must accept that it would not be possible to deliver the services of The Hockey Factory without the above guarantee exclusions and appropriate restrictions to liability.

g. Service Modifications
The Hockey Factory rightfully decides which services will be offered free of charge, in what context, and to what degree. Restrictions, extensions, and other modifications to the services provided by The Hockey Factory may occur at anytime. The Hockey Factory reserves the right to alter or modify chargeable services (those requiring payment) in accordance with legality or at it’s own discretion.

h. Modifications to Conditions
The Hockey Factory reserves the right to modify any general conditions. The subscriber provides The Hockey Factory with access to his/her e-mail address for the purpose of informing him/her of any alterations to services or conditions.

i. Protection of Services
Each subscriber is responsible to protect their account from unauthorized access to the The Hockey Factory service by third parties. A subscriber’s username and log-in code must be kept confidential. Once it becomes either suspected or confirmed that a username and log-in code has become accessible to a third party, he/she (the subscriber) is responsible and obligated to change the code instantly.


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